iScreen Tariffs

Subscription ModelBase Fee per Month (KES)VAT (16%)Transaction Fee (3%)Full Fee Per Month (KES)
Banks20,000.00 3,200.00600.0023,800.00
Insurance Companies20,000.00 3,200.00600.0023,800.00
Commercial Companies - High Volume10,000.001,600.00300.0011,900.00
Commercial Companies - Standard Volume7,500.001,200.00225.008,925.00
Commercial Companies - Low Volume5,000.00800.00150.005,950.00
Digital Service Associate (Agent)5,000.00800.00150.005,950.00
One-off Trader – Direct Access (monthly subscription)2,500.00400.0075.002,975.00
One off Importers (this amount will be payable to the Cyber Cafes/ Digital Service Associates)1,000.00160.0030.001,190.00
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