The National Electronic Single Window System (Kenya TradeNet System) shall serve as a single entry point for parties involved in trade and transport to:

  • Lodge documents electronically for processing and approval; and
  • Make payments electronically for fees, levies, duties and taxes due to the Government on goods imported or exported.

The overall objective of the National Electronic Single Window System Project (Kenya TradeNet System) is to facilitate international trade by reducing delays and lowering costs associated with clearance of goods at the Kenyan borders while maintaining the requisite controls and collection of levies, fees duties and taxes, where applicable on imports or exports.

The specific objective is to reduce cargo dwell time at the Port of Mombasa to a maximum of three days and a maximum of one day at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport within a period of 2 years after operationalization. At the border posts, the Electronic Single Window System is expected to reduce the cargo dwell time for both transits and intra-regional trade consignments to a maximum of one hour.

Expected Benefits

The following benefits are expected to accrue from implementation of the project;

  • Greater harmonization and better sharing of the relevant data across government departments/ systems and result in improved efficiency.
  • Transparency and effectiveness of official controls.
  • Enhance revenue collection by the Government.
  • Reduced costs of doing business for both the Government and the business community.
  • Increased national competitiveness.
  • Reduction in transaction time.
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