Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade) is a state Agency under the National Treasury that is mandated to facilitate cross border trade and establish, manage and implement the National Electronic Single Window System (Kenya TradeNet System).

The Kenya TradeNet System facilitates trade by expediting and simplifying information flows between traders and the Government Agencies in order to bring meaningful gains to all parties involved in cross border trade. The objective of the System is to facilitate International trade in Kenya by reducing delays and lowering costs associated with clearance of goods at the Kenyan borders, while maintaining the requisite controls and collection of levies, fees, duties and taxes, where applicable, on imports or exports.

Single Window System is basically a trade facilitation tool that enables parties involved in international trade to submit regulatory import and export related documentation to lodge their documents through a Single platform hence the name Single Window System. Kenya TradeNet System is a trade mark name for the Single Window System in Kenya.


The East African Community and Regional Development ministry wants most state agencies kicked out of customs units at major ports and border points to ease delays in cargo verification and clearance, saving investors tens of millions of shillings in demurrage costs.

Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed said he will be writing a recommendation to the Cabinet to cut the agencies involved in customs processes, with the rest called up on need basis.He said only four “critical” certification bodies should be retained at the port of Mombasa, Nairobi’s Inland Container Depot (ICD) as well as major airports and border points such as Busia and Malaba.

Key agencies, he told a forum in Nairobi on Wednesday, are Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), Kenya Ports Authority and Kenya Railways Corporation which oversees freight operations on the standard gauge railway (SGR).

Kenya has struggled to streamline SGR freight operations between the port of Mombasa and ICD, causing persistent congestion and delays, resulting in increased storage costs and demurrage charges for investors.

SOURCE:Business Daily

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